Membership of the church is in two parts Associate member and Full member.

Subscription for membership is  £10.00 for both Associate member and Full member and starts from the beginning of the year.

There is no obligation to advance from Associate to Full membership as many like to stay Associate and still enjoy the discounts.

Associate Member

To become an Associate Member you must apply to the committee using the membership form available in church. Upon acceptance you will become a Associate member. This will entitle you to full discount on demonstration as applicable. But will not be allowed you to attend the A.G.M. or any other policy making meetings.  

Full Member

In order to become a Full member you are required to be Associate member for a minimum of 6 months after which and can opt to be a Full member.

To achieve full membership status you will be required to attend a short course (SNU:B1) to ensure you understand what being a spiritualist is all about.  

As a Full member you can attend the A.G.M. or any other policy making meetings and will have the right to vote at these meetings.