The church was founded in November 1950 by a group of dedicated people who wanted their own church as opposed to travelling to Reigate or Dorking as these were the only means they had of attending spiritualist services. The church owes its existence to such people as Mr. And Mrs. Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Whales, Mr. and Mrs. Grout and Mr. and Mrs. Heron. The first services being held in the parlour of the Knights home. In 1963 two more spiritualists joined the group and were actively involved in the day to day activities. They were Olly and Rose Burrows. They had been spiritualists for a number of years and quickly settled into the life of Crawley church.

The first home of the church was the Girl Guide hut known as Goffs Hall (no longer standing). Soon after moving there Mrs.Grout passed to spirit, and with her passing the interest waned and the church came near to closing. The remaining spiritualists got together and with the help of Mr. Adams the flagging church was revived. It is inevitable that when a new group forms it is beset with the usual ups and downs, the church being no exception.

The next Sir Galahad came in the form of George Packer, who brought into the church his business expertise and played a big part in putting the church on a sound financial footing and restoring harmony.

The next milestone came with the notice to quit Goffs Hall and a temporary home was found in the community hut at West Green where a room was hired. This meant that all the equipment needed for services had to be carried to and from the hall in suitcases. In passing, we must remember with gratitude the help received from Croydon Church  who sent us mediums to conduct the services.

Unhappily the church had to move on again. This time to the St. Johns Ambulance hut in Crawley High Street. Again everything had to be transported to and from the hall. It was not long before the opportunity to return to Goffs Hall came up. This hall was very wet and cold on occasions.

At last their dedication was rewarded and in 1980 we moved to ourpermanent home here at Capel Lane, Gossops Green. Subsequently the church became affiliated to the SNU and was solemnised for weddings

The church has brought comfort and help to many over the years, giving proof of survival to the bereaved, and healing to the sick. Healing has been an integral part of the church from the beginning with many wonderful people who have kept the work moving forward. One such devoted soul was Joan Cook, who with her husband George led the healing group until her passing to the higher life, when her task was passed to her pupil Jean Holland who became healing leader. Next came the Frossard family who played a big part in leading the dedicated healers.

Development circles have always played a big part in the life of the church, as it is from these that many of our healers and mediums have progressed along their chosen pathway, working not only for this church but for other churches as well. At this point we must mention those who have worked so hard in the background and whose efforts have kept the church going. George Packers´wife Elsie gave wonderful demonstrations of clairvoyance from the platform. Also Ollys partner, Rose, who for many years was the medium booking secretary as well as making the tea at the end of the service. May Keywood who served as Vice President was another person who contributed greatly to the church, running development circles and being a member of the healing team.  May also left a considerable donation to the church funds on her passing to the higher life. 

Many have passed through Crawley Spiritualist Church, not only here at Gossops Green, but at all our previous locations with some staying and some moving on. The pioneer members have passed to the higher life and we remember them all with affection, knowing that without them our church would never have been inaugurated.

Recent presidents have included Ken Cox, Paula Cox, Joan Mayhew, Derek Weaver and Cy Coombes.     

In remembering the past, we must also give thought to those of today working tirelessly alongside our president, Maureen Hedger.

When the church was founded back in 1950, a beacon was lit, and it is the aim of the committee along with all who offer their help, plus the people who attend the church to see that the beacon forever stays alight. Today the church is in a strong position with good attendance and support, putting the church on a sound financial footing.    

In 2009 we undertook a major internal refurbishment. This has helped to provide further inspiration and commitment. In 2010 we celebrated our 60th birthday. Then in 2011 we commenced a 5 year plan of further improvements which has been completed.

In 2012 we not only celebrated a wedding blessing but also a full wedding.

We thank our friends in the world of spirit for guiding us in promoting spiritualism as a lovely way of life .